Why Banner Ads Can't Beat Explainer Videos. What is Ad Blindness?

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Why Banner Ads Can’t Beat Explainer Videos. What is Ad Blindness?

Example of one of our Explainer Video Images

Example of one of our Explainer Video Images

You have set up what you think is a great website, selling your services or products.  You have wonderful copy written up, you have a great backend payment processing system and you even have customer service professionals hired and ready to go, ready to respond to the flood of customer emails that you are hoping for.

Yet, despite your best efforts, there are hardly any orders and even more depressingly, hardly even any inquiries about your product or service. Why?

You have a beautiful banner that is your site’s main call to action and you just can’t imagine why people won’t click on it.  Welcome to ‘Ad Blindness’.

Online, even if people are looking to buy something, they often don’t like it when the product or service is explicitly sold to them.  People want information about the product or service, provided with a quick snapshot.  Only when that quest for information is satisfied do they begin to even consider buying a product or service.

Hence, your call to action banner might not get any clicks at all, as people are just not ready to buy. Combine that problem with the short attention span of readers and you are ultimately left with analytics that show alarming stats, about how customers leave your site in a matter of seconds, simply because they saw a long copy and call to action banners.  They don’t have time to read the long copy and they don’t have any interest to buy without information, thereby leading to depressing conversions.

It’s the same reason why Google Adwords are becoming less effective.  People are unconsciously ignoring the yellow ads at the top of a Google Search and looking straight to where they are most likely to find the information relevant to them – just underneath the yellow ads – i.e. the highest ranking natural search result.

How to combat ad blindness with an Explainer Video

A guaranteed, proven and effective way to reduce ad blindness is to upload what is called an Explainer Video, onto the prime real estate your site’s homepage.  You might know of Explainer Videos as Doodle Videos, Whiteboard Animation or Video Scribing.

The reason why these videos have so many different names is because they are a new form of advertising, with a long way to go before they become a mainstream advertising technique.  However, the fact that they are new in the marketing world is what gives them their charm and sensational, above average performance effectiveness.

When people come to a site that has a video with a cartoon template, 90% will click on the video, out of sheer curiosity, if not for anything else. Professional Explainer Videos that use cartoon images can present your business features and benefits in a story-like fashion, with animated characters and interesting expressions that are drawn out in real time, in a time lapsed video.

Why are Explainer Videos so Effective?

With Explainer Videos, you can explain your business or service, while entertaining and informing the visitor with animations, wildly creative stories, voice-overs and background music.  Recent web marketing surveys have indicated that Explainer Videos have the highest average watched times in the online marketing industry.  Think YouTube videos with twice or thrice the marketing power!  That is how amazingly attractive these videos are to the general public.

Here is an example of one of our Whiteboard Animation Videos:


Plus the longer that people stay on your site, the higher Google will rank it!  The same goes for You Tube video channels, as You Tube uses ‘total minutes watched’ as a key performance indicator when ranking videos, rather than just on clicks.

Depending on how badly a site was converting in the past, the addition of a professionally made Explainer Video, like the ones we can create for you, can increase your conversion rate considerably, even as high as 900%. Even a 50% boost to your conversion rate can make a world of a difference to your profitability.

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