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Our Whiteboard & Explainer video production process

Our whiteboard animation videos are among the most effective marketing tools available.  A whiteboard animation will capture the attention of your target customers, and keep them watching and listening right to the end of your marketing message, making them much more likely to follow your call to action.

Client Questionnaire

Once your order has been placed, you’ll be sent a short questionnaire which will get you thinking more strategically about your whiteboard animation video and what you want it to achieve, as well as help us get to know your businesses better.

Script Consultation

Your Project Manager will then hold a 30-minute consultation with you via phone or Skype to dig deeper into your questionnaire answers and clarify everything we need to write a great script and storyboard.
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Scriptwriting / Storyboarding

One of our skilled copywriters will produce the script for your whiteboard animation video, along with a written storyboard describing the images to accompany the script.  If you require any revisions, they will be carried out and supplied for your approval.  We will not continue to the next stage until you have confirmed that you are happy with the script and storyboard.


One of our professional cartoonists will then hand-draw all of the images required for your whiteboard animation video. Your Project Manager will review these based on your requirements, and request changes if they are not a sufficient standard or match.

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We have access to thousands of professional voiceover artists, with hundreds of different accents. One will be selected based on your preference, and a professional voiceover track will be recorded to perfectly match your whiteboard animation video.

Regular review, Unlimited corrections

We want to ensure that you love your final video, so we send you regular work in progress to review and feed back. We also work on an Unlimited Corrections basis. As long as any changes to the images or voiceover still follow the agreed script and storyboard, we will not charge for the changes.
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Video Editing

The doodles and voiceover are then combined, using our special video-scribing software, to create your whiteboard animation video at the agreed length.  Our software makes it look just like the cartoonist is drawing the images ‘live’ on a whiteboard, but it gives a much cleaner effect than a live whiteboard video.

Final review and sign-off

We want you to be 100% happy with your whiteboard animation video.  So, if there’s anything you want to tweak at this stage, just let your Project Manager know and we’ll arrange it (within reason).  Once you’ve signed off your whiteboard animation video, you own it.  You can post it on your website, your social media pages or on You Tube and start capturing the attention of your ideal customers and boosting your sales conversion rate!
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